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      A Balanced Approach Between Cost-Cutting and Growth

      In this tough economic environment we support our clients with an array of tools and strategies aimed at increasing variability in the cost structure, creating a flexible, versatile operational environment, more responsive to a non-linear demand, and reducing cost, while introducing a customer-centric emphasis to everyday operations.

      Geared towards survival and immediate recovery, as well as laying the foundation and drafting long terms plans for future growth, our turnaround strategies could yield sustainable, substantial results in as little as six months.

      Our approach is based on finding the root-causes of the operational failure, and on implementing durable, flexible, systemic fixes, doubled by selecting key metrics, control measures, and creating the proper documentation.

      Our commitment to our long-term partnership translates in post turnaround audits and fine tuning, and business strategy support for stabilization and growth.

      The XPeZY Team will readily provide post turnaround training needs assessment and delivery, thus helping the organization adjust to this complex change and lead it successfully.

Turnaround case studies

  New ventures can pose considerable challenges; from incorporating to operating, our start-up team is on your side, developing and implementing together a global strategic vision.

  Our commitment for a durable partnership with our clients is at the core of our continued support in assisting our clients become more customer-centric, create more value, and reduce risk.

  Our clients achieve significant business process improvement, resulting in substantial cost reduction, increased efficiency and profitability, and unprecedented customer satisfaction levels.

  The XPeZY team has the proven expertise to evaluate your operation from the ground up, identify immediate efficiencies and operational improvement areas, and recommend a decisive, definitive plan that gets results.

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